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Plaid it.

Hello, my dears! It's the middle of the week here and I know that all (or almost all) belgians are excited cause they only have just another day of work, as they have a national holiday on Friday, so everything will be closed. Most of them I believe that they will be parting for the weekend...Well, not so much me as I have tons of stuff to do and the only time I'll be spending with my family will be my Sunday afternoon :). But I'm grateful for that as well you least I have something to do, right? But enough about work. Let's talk fashion...trends..this fall/winter..plaid looks :). Yes, it's a very cool trend, plaid, but when I "build" an outfit starting from this idea, I try to keep the rest of my outfit very simple and, preferable, dark coloured . That's what I did today, when adding a plaid printed scarf to the look.. I guess I'm going a bit crazy over scarves lately. :p

What I wore: - Zara scarf - Pimkie coat - Mango booties - Forever 21 bag - …

OOTD: Zara boots and Forever 21 shorts

Hi, guys! Here we are today with a brand new outfit post. I figured I'd sot with shopping for a while,as I don't want to get to addicted and plus I'm saving some money for my vacation in December :). Can you guess where I am going? I suggest you follow me social so you'd find out ^^...all I can say is that it's a breathtaking destination ^^. I know that not that long has passed since I got back from my last vacation, but when I say the days passing by and oh so cloudy and chilly, I just can't resist to a new "sweet escape" :). Anyway, back to today's outfit. I've combined some key fall essentials, like these superb boots from Zara and these shorts from Forever 21 that I find in such a unique colour. I know print mixing can be very interesting, but I decided to keep it cool this time, simple, a look where just the scarf's print stands out. As other accessories, I do mention the fringed cross-body bag and my lovely bracelet with  tribal charms…

Loup Garou

loup-ga·rou(lg-r, -gä-)·rous(lg-rz, -gä-r)
A werewolf. [French, from Old French leu garoul : leu, wolf (from Latin lupus; see wkwo- in Indo-European roots) + garoul, werewolf (of Germanic origin; see w-ro- in Indo-European roots).] Source : The Free Dictionary 
Or in other words, a main attraction at Walibi Park, where I went yesterday with my family ^^. I remember this particular attraction called Loup Garous, hence today's post title... I can only say it was terrifying ...I'm not a big fan of roller coasters, but I just had to do it once in life, right? :) I spent such a fun day at the park, as I wanted to take advantage of the Halloween set-up and many new was a dream day, as you probably seen the magic end of it on my Instagram account ^^. But let's get get back to fashion. The only "animal" in today's look is the print of my booties, leopard print that is. :) As it was windy outside, I simply knew that I had to put my hair up in …

Cruel Intentions

Hello, sweeties! I had a fabulous day of shopping this week, well, actually I had two days, but one was for make-up and the other for clothes... Didn't want to spend all that excitement in one day :) I bought so many wonderful things (make-up mostly), but also some clothing garments from stores that I like very much.  So, today I thought I'd go a little punk/rock/all black look ^^. I kept it light with the accessories as the boots had laces and belts wrapped around, so I just added a simple black belt with golden spikes and my lovely watch from Born Pretty Store,a cute online boutique that has very cool items at reasonable prices.

What I wore:
- Bershka dress
- Pimkie boots and beanie
- Pull&Bear satchel
- Born Pretty watch ( find it here )
If you are wondering about the title of today's post, well, know that it's one of my favorite movies and I've heard its soundtrack today... It reminded me of the movie and now I would want to re-see it ^^ . Oh and I have a surprise f…