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Chilling off

Hello, my loves! Today was such a busy busy day.. I had to plan my trip and do all sorts of errands around the city, so it wasn't until now that I had a few minutes off to post my outfit that I wore today. Now, I won't lie to you: the weather changed a little today. We had a little rain and everything, but temperatures are still ok. :) It wasn't such a big of a problem for me cause I got the change to wear this cool jumpsuit that I have from Palma de Mallorca. ^^ Tomorrow I'll be out to continue the madness and I don't know if I'll have some time left to post something. Normally, I have an awesome post prepared for you on Thursday, but I won't say more and ruin the surprise. The thing is that I'll be on the road and everything, but I wanted something to post while I'm not here. I've been working for a while now on the article, so I hope you'll like it ^^ But enough of that right now, it's time to reveal you today's outfit :D

What I wore: - …

Blue and Yellow

Hello, everyone! Now, I know that my photo from Instagram must have caused tons of laughs :)) I know it was so funny, right? During my photo session, a bee stepped into the picture. It was epic!  Anyway, just a quick update for today. A perfect opportunity to take out my Alexander McQueen Demanta clutch out for a spin in the city. Hope you like the outfit and make abstraction from my face.. still under a cold here  ':(

What I wore: - Forever 21 skirt - Rihanna for River Island top - Pull and Bear open toe heels - Alexander McQueen Demanta clutch
Yep, totally in love with this clutch... I cannot believe that I've found it at such a low price, even if there with the sales and everything! Speaking about Sales, Romwe has its final Sales, 70% OFF! Hurry up and stock your wardrobe ^^
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OOTD: Ted Baker dress and New Look heels

Hi, loves! I hope you are having a lovely Sunday afternoon and that you've taken advantage to the fullest of this sunny summer weekend :). I'm still a bit dizzy from this nasty cold, but I can hold it together and still go out a little, luckily... Anyway, today I went to a vide dressing ( closet sale) here in Brussels where I found two awesome pieces: a Michael Kors bag and a Dior eyeshadow kit which were practically new ! I so love good deals, even if they are second hand stuff. If they are in excellent condition, why not take advantage? I'm not a spoiled brat that shops just in luxe stores... I shop in Zara, I shop in outlets, I shop in luxury stores, I shop in thrift stores, I shop on closet sales, flee markets, etc.. Where you can find a great deal, I'm there, no matter the place! :D The dress I'm wearing today is one of the purchases that I have from the outlet. I know you were all excited to see what I've bought, but I'm showing you little by little. ^^


- Graphic -

Hi, guys! First of all,thank you so much for your support. You are always so nice and attentive <3 I'm feeling better today. Although it had rained this morning, the temperatures are still very high and they've announced that the heat will go up the days to come all around Europe, so be sure to keep yourselves well hydrated and if you're lucky to go at the beach, wear sun lotion! Apparently the sun is very dangerous these days more than usual, so it can cause serious burns. Anyway, here I am today with another lovely outfit. I hope you guys like it, it has a graphic vibe to it. :)

What I wore:

- Zara heeled sandals
- River Island skirt
- New Look top
- Bershka purse
- Twice as Nice bracelet

I was waiting for such a long time to get my hands on these great heels from Zara. Luckily that I've found them on Sale. The purse and the skirt were also bought on Sale. 
Long live the SALES <3
To bad that they are almost over...only 3 days remaining from next week :'(
Anyway, I4m happ…

City break

Hi, guys! This morning I woke up so early and I wasn't feeling good at all... although it's awfully hot around here, I have this debut (start) of a cold that doesn't want to leave me alone. I'm feeling a bit better now, but I so hope it will go away for good! I'm very allergic to air conditioning and in the car I'm such a pain in the a$$ ^^.. I think that's where I got the cold actually... But it was worth it. I went yesterday to my fave outlet - Maasmechelen Village. I picked out some very cool stuff on SALE that I just can't wait to show you guys. Anyway, I had the chance this morning to arrange a little my blog..its look. Hope you like it :) Here's the outfit that I wore today to check out the last things on Sale. :)

What I wore: - Blanco shorts - Zara shirt - LiuJo strap sandals ( similar ones here) - Bag from a local store in Palma de Mallorca ( similar to this one from Chanel)
So, this is what I wore today :). The heels are very comfortable. I have t…

Pour it up!

Hello, my sweet sweet readers! Today's post is dedicated to a fashion icon I simply adore, Rihanna. I know I must sound like a teen when I say this, but that girl is spectacular.. her style.. her taste.. her way of being, and last, but not least, her music is just.. divine! So, I thought I'd do a look inspired by her ^^

What I wore: - River Island dress - Rihanna for River Island cap - Zara heels - Zara jacket - Forever 21 bag - River Island necklace

I believe you know my awesome cap from Instagram ( that is if you are following me there ^^). I'm so in love with it and plus that I've purchased it during the sales... Anyway, hope you like my look and I suggest you follow me on my social networks so you stay up-to-date ! 

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